ANZAED Eating Disorder Credential
for General Practitioners


The Credential provides formal recognition of a GPs qualifications, knowledge, training, and professional development activities needed for the delivery of safe and effective eating disorders care, including screening, assessment, diagnosis and referral for treatment.

The Credential is not a measure of competence and does not assess a GP’s training, knowledge or experience in ongoing medical monitoring and eating disorder treatment. 

Why become credentialed? 

    Be listed on the searchable directory 

    Receive a verified digital badge

    Display a certificate in your workplace

    Receive a post-nominal

    Access mini-webinars

    Connect via professional online forums 


Criteria to become credentialed

The Credential is available to GPs who work and reside in Australia and meet the following criteria:

  • Hold General and Specialist registration in General Practice with AHPRA

Ongoing requirements

As an ongoing requirement of the Credential, GPs are required to utilise the InsideOut Institute’s GP Hub when needed in their practice. 

The GP Hub is a digital tool for GPs to assist in screening, assessing and care planning for people with eating disorders at any point in their presentation.

The InsideOut Institute’s GP Hub includes:

An eScreener and eAssessment
A clinical decision support tool to aid diagnosis and inform treatment prescription that matches stage of illness and individual need
Information about complex care support and escalation guidelines
A Practice Management Toolkit


Which Credential credential pathway is right for you?

Your work setting will determine the pathway for the Credential, reflecting the various structures for professional governance and standards of practice.

There are three pathways through which you can apply for the Credential:

Private practice provider
The ‘Private Practice provider’ pathway is applicable to any GP who works in private practice. This may be as a sole provider, within a profession-specific or multi-disciplinary clinic, or working in a headspace centre as a sub-contractor. A GP who works in private practice and another setting (for example, public health) must apply through both the ‘Private Practice provider’ pathway and the 'Other service provider’ pathway. Within the application form, there will be an option to select ‘Both’. 


Other service provider
The ‘Other service provider’ pathway is relevant to GPs working in all settings that are not private practice. This includes, but is not limited to: 
  • Public health services 
  • Eating disorder day programs 
  • Primary Health Networks 
  • Local Health Districts 
  • Inpatient treatment settings (psychiatric, medical, residential, public and private)
  • Non-government organisations (NGOs) 

During your application, you will be required to provide a signed letter from your current employer/manager on your organisations letterhead, as evidence of your employment. This letter template can be used to ensure it includes the required information.  

If your employment changes (e.g., if you start or stop working in private practice, or you change employers), you will be required to notify ANZAED through the ‘Change of employment’ form. 

If you are both a ‘Private practice provider’ and an ‘Other service provider’, you should apply under the ‘Both’ pathway. The application form will direct you to complete the information required under the two pathways detailed above.


    Credential fees      


The Credential will be free for GPs who apply before 30 June 2024


Credential Application fee $100 + GST

To become credentialed, applicants will need to pay an initial administrative fee for their application to be assessed, along with the Annual or Triennial Credential fee detailed below.

Annual ($150 + GST) or Triennial ($450 + GST) Credential fee

Credentialed Eating Disorder Clinicians can choose to pay wither an annual or triennial fee to maintain their credentialed status – this fee includes ongoing administration of the Credential.

Please note: As fees cover the administrative costs associated with assessing applications, refunds cannot be provided, even if an application is unsuccessful. ANZAED will provide feedback on your application if you do not yet meet the eligibility criteria for the Credential. When appropriate, ANZAED will aim to direct you to the relevant training to support you to become credentialed.

If your Credential expires, your Credential’s digital badge will be cancelled and your clinician profile will be removed from the connect.ed directory.

Application checklist

Before starting your application through the connect·ed website ensure you have read the required documents and gathered all the information you will need as listed below


☐ Clinician Terms & Conditions 


All Applicants

☐ Proof of identity documentation 
☐ Certificate of completion of relevant training 
☐ Evidence of General and Specialist registration in General Practice with AHPRA 

Private Practice Provider 

☐ MBS provider number  

Other Service Provider

☐ Evidence of employment (signed letter from manager/supervisor - see letter template

If you are a registered provider of Focused Psychological Strategies you may be eligible to apply for the Credential as a Mental Health Professional. GPs awarded the credential as a Mental Health Professional will automatically be also awarded the Credential for GPs. Click here to find out more about the mental health professional criteria.

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