Why have a credential?

The ANZAED Eating Disorder Credential aims to help people experiencing eating disorders to locate the right treatment at the right time, increasing the chance of early intervention and positive treatment. Establishing the credential also aims to enhance the effectiveness and consistency of treatment for eating disorders in Australia. The credential grants recognition of a clinician’s skills and experience and will contribute to building a stronger workforce through promotion of workforce development and training.

Safety for treatment seekers

First port of call for eating disorder treatment

Standardised evidence based criteria

Clearer pathways for treatment

Faster access

Grow professional network

Workforce development

Who is eligible for the credential?

Mental health professionals and dietitians providing treatment for people living with eating disorders that have the required experience, training, and professional development activities are eligible to apply for the credential. Mental health professionals include counsellors, general practitioners, mental health nurses, nurse practitioners, occupational therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, and social workers. Read more information on the criteria and application process under Becoming credentialed.


The credentialing process

The credentialing process is simple. After applying for your ANZAED credential through connect·ed, your application will be assessed by ANZAED. Once approved, create your profile on connect·ed and publish your profile so prospective clients and referrers can find you in the system.

Step 1.

Apply for your credential

Step 2.

ANZAED assess application

Step 3.

Create your profile

Step 4.

Publish your profile